Photo by Bri Hammond for Extraordinary Routines

Hi there! My name’s Lisa Currie. I’m an author and artist comfortably planted in Melbourne, Australia.

My books are a fresh start waiting to happen, a map to someplace new. They could be a playful shared moment with a loved one, or a space to vent and doodle in your own private way. I have four (soon to be five!) books published with TarcherPerigee, an imprint of Penguin Random House, and a 2018 calendar published with Andrews McMeel. These bundles of pages have been translated into a handful of different languages and used in homes, classrooms, workshops, as wedding gifts and time capsules, by budding artists and secret margin doodlers alike.

I’m also ringleader of The Scribble Project, where I collect hand-drawn interviews with all sorts of creative people. The current form of the project is this online gallery— in the past it’s taken the shape of a Melbourne exhibiton with 80+ artists, a self-published book, a long-running blog since 2007, and some very fun online doodling collaborations with scribblers from all over the world.

I’m a happy homebody and pop music enthusiast. I also like to take myself on long walks to new places just to see where I end up... a bit like Forest Gump, but with less facial hair and a more leisurely pace.

PO BOX 200
Carlton North, Victoria
3054 Australia