Very Beautiful Human

A paper trophy for you to print out and present to your friend, lover, mother, brother, brother from another mother, or local croissant supplier. Whoever you think deserves one!

To access the pdf you’ll need to do one of the following things.

a) Legally change your name to Bruce Willis.
b) Memorise the entire script of any Gilmore Girl's episode and reenact it for me via Skype.
c) Or click here!

Love always, Jake Gyllenhaal xox

Fill in the blanks for a friend who deserves some celeb affection on Valentine’s Day, or any other day, such as today-day! Click here to print.

For added authenticity I suggest you spritz this letter with a bit of aftershave before sending. Even better, rub the letter in an unwashed male armpit for 2-3 seconds, Au Deu Brokeback Mountain. If a male armpit is unavailable I'm sure a female one would do just as nicely.

Faces to Finish

Hi there!

I heard you like to draw faces, is that true? I hope so because I made this doodling sheet especially for you. It has your name written all over it. In invisible ink. So Stacey doesn't get jealous about it. You know what Stacey is like. Have you met Stacey?

Anyway, please enjoy.

x Lisa

But not a freckle.

This is a letter template to fill out for someone you really care about. As you can see it's pretty (damn!) easy to fill out. I've done all the heavy lifting for you word-wise. Condiment-wise though, this Vegemite lid won't budge, I could really use your help, thanks muscles.

To print the letter, click here.
To not print the letter, click here.

Big Team Scribble!

If MTV Cribs visited your daydreams, what would they find?

For a bit of fun I asked 23 artists that question, then mish-mashed their doodled answers into twelve very peculiar houses. Then I uploaded the 12-page colouring book ~RIGHT HERE~ for you to print out and colour in on a rainy afternoon. Then I changed into a new pair of socks because the ones I had on were a little damp, but that's unrelated.

Thank you to the wonderful artists!

Wen-Ju Chien, Pete Shand, Caitlin Chilton, Luis Mazon, Gerlinde Meyer, Alyssa Duhe, Laura Hodkin, Jasper Hernandez, Nysha Tan, Mouni Feddag, Rachna Soun, Misia Schmidt, Jasmine Pierce, Maggie Chiang, Nigel Sussman, Duru Eksioglu, Emily Joynton, Jemimah Priest, Kate Gavino, Susan Dutch, Stephanie Boilard, Stephanie Hicks, Amy Deverux, Erin Stanfield, Laurel Pettitt, Ruth Nancy and Juste Urbonaviciute.