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Twelve peculiar homes for you to colour in

If MTV Cribs visited your daydreams, what would they find? One day for a bit of fun I asked 23 artists that question. Then I mish-mashed their doodled answers into twelve very peculiar homes. Then I uploaded the 12-page colouring book here for you to print out and colour in on a rainy afternoon. Then I changed into a new pair of socks because the ones I had on were a little damp, but that's unrelated. 

Free to print ︎ Click here

Contributing artists: Wen-Ju Chien, Pete Shand, Caitlin Chilton, Luis Mazon, Gerlinde Meyer, Alyssa Duhe, Laura Hodkin, Jasper Hernandez, Nysha Tan, Mouni Feddag, Rachna Soun, Misia Schmidt, Jasmine Pierce, Maggie Chiang, Nigel Sussman, Duru Eksioglu, Emily Joynton, Jemimah Priest, Kate Gavino, Susan Dutch, Stephanie Boilard, Stephanie Hicks, Amy Deverux, Erin Stanfield, Laurel Pettitt, Ruth Nancy and Juste Urbonaviciute.

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