Deliver some sneaky affection!
Let a friend know you’re thinking of them!
Snail mail some good vibes to your mum at her office!
Sneak some good vibes onto your workmate's desk after lunch!
Leave some good vibes on the fridge for your housemate to discover in the morning!
When a loved-one is struggling and you’re not sure what to do, doodle some good vibes as a gentle reminder that you care and you’re here always!
Oh I could go on.
And I will.
Slip some good vibes into your lover's birthday card!
Post some good vibes to a faraway friend to say I FRIGGEN MISS YOU!
Maybe even honour your dog or cat or rat with a time capsule of how crazy you are about them! See below for Sophie’s ode to her cat Ren.

Free to print, click here ︎ Warm, warmer... HOT!