Me, You, Us
A book to fill out together

Me, You, Us is a book to fill out together with your friends or a loved one. Just flip to a random page and use the illustrated prompts to jot down whatever silly thoughts or sweet memories pop into your brain. Write fortune cookies for each other! Decide on your perfect theme song! Brainstorm ideas for your matching tattoos!

You can fill out each page with a different friend, or complete the whole book with a special someone. And the best part? As you create it, this book becomes an amazing time capsule to look back on and treasure.

2022 update! We’ve added three new spinoff editions to the collection. “Best Friends” to reminise on your friendship and look ahead together. “Family” is a playful way to prompt new conversations between adults and kids. And “Love” (my favourite to make) is the date night book to get all flirty and romantic in.
Published by TarcherPerigee in 2014.

Buying options in Australia include Readings, Booktopia and Dymocks.

Buying options for US & elsewhere include Bookshop, Barnes & Noble, Amazon and Target.

Other language editions:
German, Portuguese, Polish, Russian and Serbian.