Notes to Self
A journal for self-care

While I was making this book I kept coming back to the gentle question: how can I do my best with the body and mind I’ve got today? Each illustrated page helps you to answer this question in a different way. Always with compassion for self and enough tenderness to really get to the heart of it.

My focus was on simplicity, so you’re able to check-in with yourself in a meaningful way, even on scattered or busy days. Also a lovely introspective book to lounge with on a Sunday afternoon, pen in hand and some sunshine on your cheek.

I feel very lucky that artist Tara Booth painted this beautiful wild garden for the cover. When I was working in aged-care I had a sweet client in her 90s who gave me a tour of her garden. She told me, These roses are my medicine! And that always makes me smile.
Published by TarcherPerigee in 2019.

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