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Twelve peculiar homes for you to colour in

If MTV Cribs visited your daydreams, what would they find? One day for a bit of fun I asked 23 artists that question. Then I mish-mashed their doodled answers into twelve very peculiar homes. Then I uploaded the 12-page colouring book here for you to print out and colour in on a rainy afternoon. Then I changed into a new pair of socks because the ones I had on were a little damp, but that's unrelated. 

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Contributing artists: Wen-Ju Chien, Pete Shand, Caitlin Chilton, Luis Mazon, Gerlinde Meyer, Alyssa Duhe, Laura Hodkin, Jasper Hernandez, Nysha Tan, Mouni Feddag, Rachna Soun, Misia Schmidt, Jasmine Pierce, Maggie Chiang, Nigel Sussman, Duru Eksioglu, Emily Joynton, Jemimah Priest, Kate Gavino, Susan Dutch, Stephanie Boilard, Stephanie Hicks, Amy Deverux, Erin Stanfield, Laurel Pettitt, Ruth Nancy and Juste Urbonaviciute.

Very authentic love letter from Jake Gyllenhaal the handsome actor

Fill in the blanks for a friend deserving of some surprise adoration from a certain handsome actor. Perfect for Valentine’s Day, or any other day of the year really.

For added authenticity I suggest you spritz the letter with a bit of aftershave before sending. Even better, rub the letter in an unwashed male armpit for 2-5 seconds, Au Deu Brokeback Mountain.

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Good Vibe Notes

Deliver some sneaky affection.
Let someone know you’re thinking of them.
You never know how much a small, thoughtful gesture like this can mean to someone.
Snail mail them to your mum at her office.
Sneak them onto your workmate's desk after lunch.
Leave them on the fridge for your housemate to discover in the morning.
Doodle them for a friend who might be struggling, as a gentle reminder that you care and you’re here for them.
Oh I could go on!
And I will.
Slip them into your lover's birthday card.
Post them to a faraway friend to say I MISS YOUUUU.
Maybe even honour your dog (or cat) (or rat) with a time capsule of how crazy you are about them. See below for Sophie’s ode to her cat Ren.

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Ancient art of doodling

Make your friend feel like a million bucks by drawing them like one of your French girls! Stick figures welcome, as are distracting embellishments such as glitter pens and cheeky speech bubbles.

Free to print, but first you must decide.

Choose wisely. Bruce Willis and the rest of the world are counting on you not to muck this up.

Did you yoga today?

I’d love to give you a celebratory high-five after yoga class, but this is the internet and I tend to stretch at home in my undies. So please accept this page of 100 metaphorical high-fives instead. Feel free to cross out the word ‘yoga’ and replace with whatever body moving ritual you most enjoy or are trying to welcome into your daily routine. Go you!

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Then ︎ Cue the soundtrack

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