Ancient art of doodling

Make your friend feel like a million bucks by drawing them like one of your French girls! Stick figures welcome, as are distracting embellishments such as glitter pens and cheeky speech bubbles.

Free to print, but first you must decide.

Choose wisely. Bruce Willis and the rest of the world are counting on you not to muck this up.

Did you yoga today?

I’d love to give you a celebratory high-five after yoga class, but this is the internet and I tend to stretch at home in my undies. So please accept this page of 100 metaphorical high-fives instead. Feel free to cross out the word ‘yoga’ and replace with whatever body moving ritual you most enjoy or are trying to welcome into your daily routine. Go you!

Free to print ︎ Click here
Then ︎ Cue the soundtrack

How shall we greet each other?

Free to print ︎ Click here

Finally! A socially binding contract to share with old friends and new aquaintances alike. It’s part insurance policy against accidentally pecking your friends earlobe because they went straight for the hug and you misread their body language and now this is a bit awkward, also part ice breaker to bring a little extra sassiness or intimacy or creativity into your salutations, in a mutally agreed upon way of course!To print this handy form click here.