Unsolicted book suggestions from me to you.

(an ever-growing list)

Novels I devoured very happily
On Beauty — Zadie Smith
The Color Purple — Alice Walker **
The Girls — Emma Cline
Miss Jane — Brad Watson
Tipping The Velvet — Sarah Waters **
The Wall — Marlen Haushofer

Non-fiction I thoroughly got into
Quiet — Susan Cain
The Art of Frugal Hedonism — Annie Raser-Rowland & Adam Grubb
Girls Like Us — Rachel Lloyd
Not For Sale — David Batstone
Breaking the Mould — Angela Pippos
Into The Wild — Jon Krakauer

Memoirs. Or file under ‘How To Be a Woman in the World’
A Train — Patti Smith
Hunger Makes Me a Modern Girl — Carrie Brownstein
Difficult Patient — Sue Currie... aka, my incredible mum!!!
A Glorious Freedom — Lisa Congdon
First, We Make the Beast Beautiful — Sarah Wilson

** Books with a queer or lesbian protagonist 👭

I heard you’re quite the book matchmaker yourself, is that true? Please do email me any book suggestions that pop into your nog for me. I’ll be so grateful and express it with two exclamation points, thank you!!! Oops, that was three.