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Daily Dose of Sunshine

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As we bunker down at home lately we’re needing new rituals to comfort us and offer an antidote to endlessly “doom scrolling” through the news. We need to cultivate our internal resources of gratitude and hope and joy, maybe now more than ever.

With this in mind I bundled together an offering: 23-pages of gratitude prompts for you to print out and doodle at home. A simple ritual to count on each day and help us all feel a little lighter and brighter.

Keep on keeping on.︎

Mar 2020

Resource Library

A collection of sample pages from my books! Free to print and doodle on. For personal or non-commerical use only︎
Shout out to the teachers, psychologists and social workers who use these pages (and my books) with their students and clients. You do amazing work to help people of all ages feel more seen, heard and empowered in their lives. I’m grateful to be part of that in some way!

For fun I asked 23 artists what the house of their daydreams would look like, then mish-mashed their doodled answers into twelve very peculiar real estate listings. Then I uploaded the 12 pages here for you to print out and colour in. Then I changed into a new pair of socks because the ones I had on were a little damp, but that’s beside the point.

Thanks to these amazing doodlers!
Wen-Ju Chien, Pete Shand, Caitlin Chilton, Luis Mazon, Gerlinde Meyer, Alyssa Duhe, Laura Hodkin, Jasper Hernandez, Nysha Tan, Mouni Feddag, Rachna Soun, Misia Schmidt, Jasmine Pierce, Maggie Chiang, Nigel Sussman, Duru Eksioglu, Emily Joynton, Jemimah Priest, Kate Gavino, Susan Dutch, Stephanie Boilard, Stephanie Hicks, Amy Deverux, Erin Stanfield, Laurel Pettitt, Ruth Nancy and Juste Urbonaviciute.

Jul 2015