My name’s Lisa. I’m a big believer in the cathartic magic of putting pen to paper, so I make books and resources to help others do more of it.

My publisher of five books is Penguin Random House in New York—though I live and work on the opposite side of the globe in Melbourne, Australia.

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a story about a beginning

In 2009 I started The Scribble Project, asking artists to doodle over the same hand-drawn interview page in their own special way. At first nobody replied to the snail mail letters I was carefully photocopying at Officeworks and packaging up at the kitchen table. And then one day they did. It was a thrill.

Over the next few years I collected hundreds of diary pages from people all over the world. Soon switching to email delivery and an ever-evolving blog, but always staunchly hand-drawn. We hosted friendly online collaborations, self-published a colouring book and curated a big group exhibition in Melbourne in 2014.

It was this very meandering side-project where I had total creative control to follow my whims. It gave me the gumption to say hello to people I was curious about and invite them to meet me for a coffee.

Then about a year into The Scribble Project, the best ever email landed in my inbox. It said— I’ve seen your blog, would you like to make a book?—which was incredible enough until I scrolled down to see it was from my dream publisher in New York.

I was gobsmacked, dancing around the kitchen table in disbelief until my mum finally answered the phone so that I could scream the news at her.

Now a decade and five books later, I feel very lucky to get paid to do the thing I was once quite happily doing for free late at night until the sun came up.

And my biggest thrill is still seeing how you attack my prompts in your own special way. It never gets old!