me, you, us

a book to fill out together

a few suggestions

  • for friends, keep this book in your bag and fill out a page each time you see each other.
  • for newlyweds, keep this book on your nightstand and use it as a cute bedtime ritual to record your first year of marriage.
  • for families, fill out a page after dinner each night to spark new conversations. or at your next gathering, ask everyone to pair up and fill out a page together for a family keepsake.
  • for travellers, tuck this book into your backpack and use it with friends you make along the way, or to pass the time on long trips.
  • for classmates, create a time capsule of the year you’ve had together.
where to buy

︎ Penguin Random House
︎ Barnes & Noble
︎ Books A Million
︎ Indiebound
︎ Booktopia

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