This is a very authentic love letter from Jake Gyllenhaal the handsome actor. Fill-in-the-blanks to give your friend a nice ego boost. For added authenticity spritz the letter with a bit of aftershave before sending. Even better! Rub the letter in an unwashed male armpit for 2-5 seconds, Au Deu Brokeback Mountain.

Click here to print the pdf. It’ll cost as much as J-Lo’s love.

(hint: her love don’t cost a thing)

Deliver some sneaky affection!
Let a friend know you’re thinking of them!
Snail mail some good vibes to your mum at her office!
Sneak some good vibes onto your workmate's desk after lunch!
Leave some good vibes on the fridge for your housemate to discover in the morning!
When a loved-one is struggling and you’re not sure what to do, doodle some good vibes as a gentle reminder that you care and you’re here always!
Oh I could go on.
And I will.
Slip some good vibes into your lover's birthday card!
Post some good vibes to a faraway friend to say I FRIGGEN MISS YOU!
Maybe even honour your dog or cat or rat with a time capsule of how crazy you are about them! See below for Sophie’s ode to her cat Ren.

Free to print, click here ︎ Warm, warmer... HOT!

The Scribble Project

Since 2007 I’ve been collecting hand-drawn diary pages by all sorts of artists, from all over the world, using an A4 template I created called the Name Game Shame. The results are endlessly delightful and surprising! Never filled out the same way twice.

It’s a celebration of that special creative sauce we all have in our viens — our own unique blend of who we are, what we’ve been through, where we’ve come from, which side of the bed we woke up on today, and how we choose to process it all via marks on paper.

To print the blank template ︎ Click here
Please note I’m not taking submissions for the website, but do still have a scribble if you feel inspired to. Teachers and mental health workers are welcome to photocopy the sheet to use with your students or clients.