The perfect notebook for imagination junkies and "drifting away on a daydream" types!

Lisa currie horselove collab

I always thought it's a funny idea to mess with your future-self and add bits of nonsense to your journals, don't you think? Like in 50 years time, will you even remember which bits were reality and which bits spewed straight out of your weird imagination? Oh yeah, that time I was walking down Brunswick street and tripped over the sidewalk only to land in an inflatable pool of jelly which was so strange because who put that jelly there? Then a handsome dude with ginger stubble came along and fished me out of the jelly in such a sweet way, and we giggled and it started to rain and the jelly washed off into the gutter and the ginger stubbled man skipped away on the back of a... novelty sized german shepherd? I think. My memory is foggy. Maybe it was the back of a motorbike.

Anywho, the daydreamers notebook is now available in my shop, yay! Lovingly printed by my friends @horselovelabel and hand stitched. Only eight dollars. Ready to be scribbled all over in whatever way you please, and sturdy enough to be tucked inside a backpack and (if necessary) fished out from a puddle of jelly and wiped clean.

Lisa curri journal

Free doodling sheet for people who love drawing faces!

Faces to finish lisa currie

FACES TO FINISH PDF (click here to print!)

I made a new doodling sheet for people who love drawing faces! Is that you? If YES then I made this sheet especially for you! Not for your sister's best friend, not for your old biology teacher, not for that stranger clipping her toenails on the train (why is she even doing that???)... anyway, point is, this sheet has your name written all over it. In invisible ink. So your sister's best friend doesn't get jealous about it. Hope you enjoy! Print it out and doodle some faces. Tag me @scribblediary on insta if you feel like sharing your handiwork, I'd love to see!

The Scribble Diary

6a01a73dbfd6ff970d01a73dfae7d3970d-800wiScribble diary

THE SCRIBBLE DIARY - welcome to your own playful, personal doodling space! Inside you'll find more than 350 sketch-friendly journal prompts for you to vent your thoughts and explore your creativity. Like a best friend you can carry around in your pocket and chat to anytime... and doodle all over!

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Published by Perigee Books / Penguin Random House NY!

Me, You, Us

Lisa currie me you usLisa currie me you us photo

ME, YOU, US - a book to fill out together. Just flip to a random page and use the doodling prompts to jot down whatever silly thoughts or sweet memories pop into your brain. Write fortune cookies to each other! Decide on your perfect theme song! Brainstorm ideas for your matching tattoos! And many more fun ideas!

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Published by Perigee Books / Penguin Random House NY!

I Believe That Stones Are Living Beings / Charlotte Peys


Hey guys, so I have a friend and her name is Charlotte Peys and instead of having actual fingers, she has pencil-fingers. I know, right... weird. Five pencils on each hand. Most of them are greyleads of varying thickness, and she's also got one stumpy yellow pencil where her pinky would normally go. She keeps them very neatly sharpened at all times, which is admirable if not a tad dangerous. Her back scratching is divine though! And what she lacks in ability related to kneading cookie dough with her bare hands, she makes up for by being an incredibly good illustrator. I mean, she has pencil-fingers, so duh! How unjust a world do we live in that a girl born with pencil-fingers would be bad at drawing?

Pictured above is Charlotte's take on my name game shame scribble sheet, proof that 1) she's a very good illustrator and 2) those pencil-fingers are not going to waste! I like how she says "I think stones are living beings" because me too.

For more drawings you can visit her friendly internet home at and you'll see there's SO MUCH more to her than just fingers made of pencils. She also has hollow toes filled with lukewarm vegetable soup. See you guys!