Surprise Yourself

Get out of your head and into the world! This book is both an adventure guide and a comfort blanket. Some pages will nudge you into new scenarios and creative escapades, other pages will remind you to be kind to yourself and give you ideas to recoup when you need to. Some pages are quickies to complete in an hour or less, others can fill up a whole day, and a few pages are made to be carried with you throughout the week— to go about your normal routine with fresh eyes and a playful mission!

Published by TarcherPerigee / Penguin Random House
Ready, Set, Happy!

Write, scribble, or draw your way to happiness every day with my 2018 calendar. Daily fun and reflective prompts that help you to focus on the positive things in life! Whether it's doodling what your happy place would look like, brainstorming an imaginary chat with your hero, or introducing a new holiday to celebrate today. There’s a fresh prompt waiting for you every morning, guaranteed to deliver a bit of sunshine and creativity to your day.

Published by Andrews McMeel
The Positivity Kit

Instant happiness on every page! Please note— this is not a book to just look at. It’s a creative space for you to draw, write, doodle over, and cut & paste. Soon it’ll be a catalog of everything that makes you feel good and excited. Soon it’ll be a handmade map that can guide you back to your happiest self, back to your sweet spot in life. Whenever you need it.

Published by TarcherPerigee / Penguin Random House
Me, You, Us

A book to fill out together! Simply flip to a random page and use the prompts to jot down whatever silly thoughts or sweet memories pop into your brain. Write fortune cookies to each other! Decide on your perfect theme song! Brainstorm ideas for your matching tattoos! You can fill out each page with a different friend, or start a secret keepsake with the one you love.

Published by TarcherPerigee / Penguin Random House